Life has wrapped me up

Sometimes I forget my very own space here as life wraps its arms tightly around me and urges me to push on with that long list of things to do, things to accomplish and things to see. I have only 8 more modules to go for this year in my course I am super excited about but mostly (without sounding like the biggest wanker ever) proud of myself for taking the huge leap and getting this far, distance education is not easy you constantly have to keep yourself motivated you have no one pushing you as there are no individual deadlines just what modules you must complete by the end of the 2years. I am so happy i’ve managed to stay on track and keep motivated, for me its the fact that i’ve been given the chance from my Husband to do the one thing I love more than him and I owe him everything for being so supportive and encouraging me to not only reach for my dream but he pulled it so close to me that I could touch it! I have enjoyed everything I have learnt so far even the things I am weaker at makes me even more determined I just did a few rendering modules which I will not lie I struggled big time on I am not much of a drawer and I have little patience so to have to sit there and really teach myself to go slow and be patient with myself was very hard I am going to purchase a book my Tutor photocopied a few pages for me called “Interior design drawing” by Alan Hughes which I am hoping will help me improve. As I am over half way for my course for this year I am starting to ponder my future, my career, where I want to go, what I want to do, and what I want to accomplish I have never ending questions running through my head. My Husband & I are keen to get out into the world and try new things while we are young we have no kids and no mortgage so we feel this is a prime time for us to explore and enjoy life before we begin our next stage in life. We are looking at moving to Melbourne we absolutely love it there however we only know the touristy side of the town, we are going to go back a few times and look at suburbs and what Melbourne is really like from a liveable perspective. Besides Melbourne we also want to go to America a big dream of mine, my Husband has already been there when he was 21 being around that age now I to want to explore the unknown to me, we are planning to go as a whole family in a few years so plenty of time to save and what a time it will be as they say “Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer”.

Besides my course I am very excited to be seeing my Parents & Sister in August a spontaneous trip I booked for a week I love visiting them and only wish they would all fit in my suitcase when I leave it’s always bitter sweet I have to say goodbye to them but I also am happy to be back with my Husband. One day we will see more of them when we live in Melbourne… I hope (yes Mum you should move there!)

Hopefully life loosens its grip on me I need to play more! bring on these next two months!!

Steph 🙂




The City That Stole My Heart

On Wednesday we jetted off to Sydney for of course the State of Origin and of course Hubby and I go for opposite teams! It was not a good game for me it was however pretty cool running into Mal Meninga at the airport on our way to Melbourne the next day in fact we ran into a lot of Sport stars Mundine, Langer, Lucas Neill, Tim Cahill, Bellamy, some Jordan soccer players Husband was definitely in sport heaven haha! I’m glad he had fun he works so hard he deserved it!

Off to Melbourne we went oh the city that stole my heart I am coming for you we have big plans to move down and experience a new state to live in. I hate the waiting game we are starting to save which makes it so exciting that its really going to happen and when I get an idea I become so determined. Realistically it’s going to really help me with my Interior Design as Gold Coast doesn’t really have an industry up here for it and I am not sure I could do Sydney so Melbourne you are the better fit! We spent our first honeymoon last year here and absolutely loved it so the second time round was even better! We are planning another trip next year so we can suss out the real Melbourne now that we have done all the touristy things we can’t wait to check out suburbs! What a fun holiday we had I was not ready to come home and as we woke today it was even worse takes us back!











































Holidays here we come!

Tomorrow morning we head off to Sydney for State of Origin which my Husband is very enthusiastic about! I think he is trying to make it into a tradition for us to go to the first game we went to the Melbourne one yep on our honeymoon I wasn’t too thrilled until I got there that atmosphere is really something! After Sydney we fly to Melbourne for a few days I cannot wait so excited! I may be a little pre occupied this week but you can follow me on Instagram and see what I’m up to in Sydney and Melbourne I know I can’t stay away from my favourite social media long haha!

Have a great week!

Steph x


Coffe Table Books {An Understated Obsession}

In no particular order my favourite coffee table books I simply cannot put down! 


 A Place called Home – Mr Jason Grant you find his website here where you can also purchase Jason’s book from.


 Design Your Home – Shaynna Blaze you can find her website here where you can also purchase this gorgeous book from along with her stunning candles!Image
Things I Love – Megan Morton you can find her website here along with a link to her fabulous school!


Chocolate A Love Story – Max Brenner you can find his website here oh what a career! who doesn’t love chocolate this recipe book is to die for!


Design Sponge at Home – Grace Bonney you can find her website here along with great DIY projects this was my first ever coffee book purchase it did not dissapoint!


The Little Veggie Patch Co & Backyard Farming – Matthew Pember and Fabian Capomolla you can find their website here they have some serious talent! I love gardening because of them! they are amazing!

If you have any recommendations I’m always on the lookout for a good book let me know!


Weekly Stills {A grateful reflection}








1. Spending a whole week waking up to my niece was amazing! So grateful I get to be her Auntie

2. My miracle niece I can’t even picture life without her she is such a bundle of joy and we are very lucky that she came into all our lives! So blessed!

3. Brownies oh how I am so grateful my Dad taught me how to cook It gives me great pleasure!

4. My Inlaws I am so grateful to have them they make me laugh so much and have always made me feel so loved and so welcomed especially when I don’t have my family up here they make it that little bit easier and have clearly become second parents to me.

5. My dear Husband my best friend No ones ever gonna love you more than I do not ever!

6. I am so grateful my husband let me do what I love and held my hand while I leaped into a new career Interior Design I have never felt so fulfilled in my life so complete I have just reached the halfway mark for this year and boy did it feel great!

7. My brother is amazing! He surprised me with flying my parents up for the week that was honestly the best week I have had in a long time!!

Join me with The Beetle Shack on a collection of your weekly stills!

Steph x