Born Creative

I believe you are either born creative or you are not but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn it and enjoy it just as much. I was definitely born creative I was taught to always have an open mind and indulge in my creative side my parents both encouraged my passions throughout my life. The best lessons they gave me though were most definitely about houses, renovating, profit, colour I have learnt so much from my parents growing up. Mum never took the dive into Interior Design she is definitely my biggest inspiration she should of gone into the career path of a stylist she is amazing! My Dad was always teaching me handyman tricks growing up I am eternally grateful for this he must have known my future Husband wasn’t going to be a Handyman ha! I grew up with my older sister and older brother and another older brother who lived in Queensland and as kids we were always drawing floor plans of the next house we want to move into fully decked out with a backyard and pool of course. We moved a lot we never stayed in a house for more than 1-2years we liked it this way we would get so excited to have a new bedroom a new house but most of all we would always want to pick the shittiest one of the street and admire what my parents could do to it Mum always called it “Character Building”. Now that we are older we are still enjoying new furniture, new homes and different colours. It was inevitable that one of us would want to become a designer its in our blood its in every breath we take to enjoy something so great from something so small something so beautiful from something so neglected It is an evolution in our lives that we keep on appreciating and trying to find that next home.


Steph x


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