In between a dream

The in between a dream is always the hardest knowing you’ve stepped forward but not forward enough. There it is lingering right in front of me teasing me to take just a couple more leaps, bigger steps in my stride and reach that little bit further. That moment in your life when you know what you want is so powerful and something I have never struggled with or shied away from, this time it feels harder maybe because I feel I have more to lose or that I have so many friends and family wanting me to succeed that failure is not an option. The main reason it’s harder is because I am so passionate about interior design and I love it so much that I could honestly never not have it in my life it is where my dream lies where my passion lies it is part of who I am. I have been dreaming and planning to move to Melbourne to pursue my dream once my study is over I am very excited, very nervous and scared! I always believe you only live once and to embrace change and go for what you want and that is exactly what I am going to do! Push a little further, reach a little longer and leap a little higher.

Steph x


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