Surprise Of The Year

Everyone knows I don’t do surprises I love to know all my presents at christmas and birthdays. Even when I give surprises I really want to tell them I always fear that I’ll give a bad surprise or bad present and they’ll have to fake liking it in front of me only to sell it on eBay later.

Well let me tell you it is totally possible to have a heart attack at 22! On Friday I was at home lucky to get a day off I called my parents to have a chat catch up on the week thats been so far see what they’re up to. They are very good at hiding things! talking about going to golf how sunny it is all the normal things you expect to hear afterwards I hang up and my brother texts me come over Im back from the mines come see your niece.. (sounds like a great idea right… WRONG I should have been on heart attack pills!) I rocked up within 20mins obviously an Auntie is keen for her cuddles with my niece, my brother sucks at hiding things he has the hugest smile on his face I instantly thought wow another baby? I’m going to be an Auntie again? WRONG BAM! my parents walk down the stairs in their pjs and say “Hi Steph” let me tell you shit hit the fan I immediately had no control of my eyes! they balled I sobbed like really sobbed I didn’t even want to let them go did that really just happen?? I honestly don’t think you understand that in my 22years no body not one person has been able to surprise me like that kudos to my family and husband for knowing for nearly 2-3weeks like wow to keep that in knowing how excited and happy and well the ugly cry face would come out I could not have done that so well!

I worked the weekend and came over Saturday night to have dinner and Dave kept rushing me to go and told me my brothers friends were coming as well naturally I think thats normal and I am all excited to see my parents again just to make sure it was still real and I wasn’t dreaming! I walk into their house again and go to the kitchen and BAM! my sister is standing there right there in the laundry hiding!! (seriously I’m thinking where the fuck are my heart attack pills) Two surprises!! Two! How lucky am I maybe I should have liked surprises all along? because man they were good. My sister and parents obviously don’t live up here so we really only see them couple times a year we are a close family so the fact that my brother flew them up here instead of me missing out on seeing them if they went down there seriously meant the world to me! He and my sister in law are seriously the most generous, big hearted people I know. They are always thinking of others and have constantly included me in their little family and made sure I don’t miss a moment with my niece and it means so much to me!! Family is everything you have nothing without them.

I have much resting to do today from my heart attack week staying at my brothers home I am so grateful for this week and for my family so Thank you all of you for including me and for my first ever surprises they were unreal bloody unreal!!

Steph x












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